Flexographic Printing

      Capacity: 135,000 bags/ day
      Colors: Up to 4 colors

Flexo Printing

     Screen Printing

      Capacity: 20,000 bags/ day
      Colors: Up to 8 colors

Screen Printing

     Nonwoven Fabric Lamination

      Capacity: 72,000 metre2/day
      Colors: High resolution photo printing


     Heat Sealing Bag Production

      Capacity: 120,000 bags/ day
      Designs: Die Cut, W Cut, Box Bags, Handled Bag
      Usage: Shopping, Gift, Giveaway and Promotional

Bag Making

     Bag Stitching Line

      Capacity: Up to 25,000 bags/ day
      Designs: Box Bags, Suit Covers, Laptop Covers, Backpack, Duffle Bag, Toiletries Bag and etc

Sewing Line

     Design & Development

Design & Development

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